Email notices to Visual link Internet Customers. And Update on our new projects.


   As we continue to migrate customers to the new customer portal, we will be sending out welcome emails to each entry welcoming you to the Visual Link customer portal. 

using the customer portal you can check your balance, pay for service online. We have also had questions about paying your bills with a check. you can still pay your bills with a check just log on to and print out your invoice and mail in your check. if your account was set up for auto billing with credit card on file. We will need to set this back up in our new billing system.  You can also access online support and trouble tickets using the new customer portal and change your password. 


  New email and webmail server is in place and will be online in by end of next week.  Our new webmail system offers many advanced features and improved security. 

Update and Visual link overview.  

Visual link internet founded by Mark Bayliss in 1995 was formed as an Internet technology development company and the goal to expand affordable Broadband service to Rural areas. Working with the FCC TAC Visual link has helped the FCC to expand broadband in the USA. Our work on 5G is now a reality with Verizon and other launching new 5g fixed wireless broad services throughout the USA starting on Jan 19, 2022. Some other achievements of the FCC were the approval of the SpaceX satellite broadband network that in the next few weeks will move from testing with beta customer to a full commercial broadband service. Basically, any location in the USA will now have access to affordable Broadband Internet via 5G, SpaceX Star link broadband or fiber to the home in the coming months. Visual Link Internet was proud to be a member of the FCC TAC “technology Advisory Council” to do our part to help keep the USA as a technology leader and help to solve the lack of rural Broadband availability in the USA and the World.    Visual link is also proud of our past accomplishments. We provided the first School system with Internet access and computers in the classroom in the USA, We developed and built the first public safety Mobile wireless data network in the USA. We started the No child left offline program to provide computers to school age children of low-income families. And we built Cobalt Racks data center in Winchester VA in the 1999 and were the first to bring Ecommerce to over 40 developing countries throughout the world.  

Here are some of Visual Links next goals!

1. Help to shape internet policy in the USA and the World to protect internet users’ privacy and security. 

2. Promote and maintain the rights to free speech on the Internet. 

3. Develop new commercial Internet services to promote USA based companies, products and services. 

4. Continue the development of new USA based technology and Internet services. 

 Here are a few of our new services. 

 1 Visual link has developed and is sponsoring own social media set up for individuals, Communities or Business to use to communicate and share Ideas, and opinions. the site is short for "MY Virtual life" it is free to join. No advertisement. Visual link will never sell or share your information unlike all the other social media sites. We look forward to seeing our online community grow. We look forward to your input and will continue to improve and add more features.  

Here is why is different from other social media sites.

  1. we never sell or share your information.


  1. No adds or unwanted content.


  1. Ability to Block users or content you do not agree with. Just like your rights to speak in public. You can say what you want, but no one is forced to listen.


  1. All the content you post is yours. Unlike Facebook and other social media who own what your post. 


  1.  You can back up all your post images and messages and if you want to remove them at any time or move them to another social media site.


  1.  Coming in February we launch a new online learning feature. This will be an online platform like those online collage and universities use. With the exception that ours will provide a platform where anyone can start offering online instruction. The platform will allow you to provide online classes for free or start a business and charge for your classes. We at visual link know there is a lot of knowledge that needs to be shared. And the more educated of a society we have the better it is for the world. We believe that access to education should never be limited to those who want to learn. So, if you have lessons or skills you want to teach others or want to start a business using your learned knowledge and experience join and join the Visual link group and contact us directly.



  1. online community calendar with local and national events for free or pay.  We will also list classes that are available as well.

    Here are two other online services Visual Link as developed.

   Wedding venue listing service.   Our new automobile internet listing site.  and our new Equine technology services.

   And of course, our new updated Domain name and webhosting business. Get your own domain name, email server and website today.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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